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Yeti Loadout Bucket For Boater

The Nearly Indestructible Yeti Loadout Bucket

We guarantee this will be the last bucket you’ll ever buy. The Yeti Loadout Bucket is 3 times thicker, 3 inches taller, food safe, has a non-skid bottom ring and the canvas strap with wide handle is comfortable. Carry live bait, fishing gear, your weighted cast net or ice down a long dock. Out on the boat, the non-skid bottom keeps it from sliding around in the chop. Outer ring supports various accessories. We highly recommend buying the Yeti reinforced clear lid, which turns this taller bucket into the perfect stool (that even the biggest guy can reliably sit or even stand on.) So many uses here… boat, barbecue, beach, etc. It’s pricey and overbuilt, but makes the perfect gift for the boater. Find it at Amazon…

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