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The New Hinckley 40x

Yesterday, we drove by a brand new Hinckley 40x while in Stonington, CT. The boat is a show stopper – it had triple outboards and looked ready for adventure – I think these were Mercury Verados, but it was hard to tell. One thing that stood out was the full-width front windshield which displayed at least a 8 feet of unobstructed glass for incredible visibility. This is a versatile boat that can fish, entertain, overnight or even pull skiers. Because it’s built with lightweight carbon fiber and Kevlar, it will comfortably do 55 mph, just in case you need to get there fast. Did you know? Hinckley hulls are guaranteed for life. Christmas is coming…

Feb 2019 Boat Of The Month

Boat of the Month | Feb 2019

Recently, we had a Boston Whaler 380 Outrage pass by us near North Captiva Island and she was stunning. The 380 replaces the 370 with a redesigned hull plus many thoughtful refinements, both inside and out. With a top speed of 50 mph you’ll get where you want to go quickly. Dream big – this boat has it all. Review at…

The Perfect Dual Console

We’ve been wanting to write about the luxurious Pursuit DC 295 for quite some time – since it may be the perfect dual console for many boaters. The Pursuit DC 295 builds on an award winning design with top style, performance and amenities. There is an integrated hardtop, a crystal–clear laminated windshield, convertible seating arrangements and thoughtful storage. Paired with dependable Yamaha outboards, the DC 295 conveys a message of superior design, engineering and construction synonymous with the Pursuit brand.

The Invincible 33 Open

Invincible makes perhaps the finest hull for speed, ride and efficiency with the lowest drag coefficient of any mono hull in the world. Invincible and its patented SVVT stepped hull has been awarded Navy contracts for the next 20 years to produce the Navy’s small boats.

The Invincible 33’ Open Fisherman is available with twin outboards. With top speeds in excess of 60 Mph, the 320 Gallon fuel capacity will get you to the farthest fishing grounds and back with speed and comfort.

Tough Inflatable Boat

The Bestway Hydro-Force Caspian Pro is made up of 4 high density nylon supported PVC chambers and a high pressure inflatable keel. This inflatable keel combined with rigid floorboards offers better control than a flat floor model making it more directionally stable under power which helps it to row extremely well. The Caspian Pro is made from heavy grade PVC designed to stand up to the stresses of UV degradation, abrasion pollutants and sticking it on the beach. Other features include a metal steel tow ring, Omni-directional oarlocks, safety grab ropes, carrying handles, integrated drain valve and an extra tough strake to protect against impacts and friction. This boat is suitable for carrying up to 3 Adults and 1 Child or a maximum load capacity of 1058 lbs. with an outboard motor of up to 10hp. Great as a cruiser for exploring lakes or on fishing trips. Includes a pair of aluminum oars, Air Hammer hand Inflation pump, 33′ towrope, durable carrying bag and pressure gauge. Just add a small outboard and you’re ready to go! Find it at Amazon…

Best 22′ Fishing Boat

The Dusky 227 is a high riding, dry craft with a Carolina flare that allows you to challenge the fishing grounds comfortably.  Designed for the serious offshore fisherman who wants to enjoy the confidence afforded by this sturdy, heavy-duty and dependable DUSKY hull.  Dusky 227 is equipped with the Dusky Drive; a unique fiberglass outboard bracket with integrated swim/dive platform. The Dusky Drive improves maneuverability and stability to your boat  while allowing a full transom for safety.  She’s probably the driest, roomiest, smoothest riding twenty-foot fishing craft on the market today –

25 Must-See New Yachts

Check out 25 new must-see yachts from the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show. Shown above is Okto (our personal favorite). Vibration on the 217 footer is one-third to half that required by contract and the engines are whisper-quiet. Interested? Superyacht Okto is for sale for $66 million USD.


View all 25 must-see yachts…

Zebra Boat

Zebra is an electric boat in the classic style, its slats arranged in diagonal with chrome on its contours, curved OLED touchscreen tablet – which is both a navigation support or a video screen when the boat is stationary. Zebra boat by Dimitri Bez…

Affordable Rugged Tender

The versatile Sun dolphin Tender is a dinghy, fishing boat, or utility rowboat with motor mount for up to 5 hp. Meets CE and US Coast Guard standards, backed by 2-year warranty on hull and parts. Length: 9.4′, Width: 55″, Height: 15″, Weight: 114 lbs., Capacity: 480 lbs., HP Rating: 5 HP, molded bench seats, drink holders, motor mount, 55-inch beam; 480-pound maximum weight capacity. Backed by 2-year warranty on hull and parts. Find it at Amazon…

Amphibious Boat

Hidden all-terrain capability will allow you to boat or drive into the most remote areas for fishing, snorkeling, surfing, biking or hiking. The Iguana 29 is the perfect tender or exploration craft. More at Iguana Yachts

Fleming 75 Yacht

“Virtually fault free, eerily quiet, exceptionally engineered and boasting amazing attention to detail, the Fleming 75 is quite clearly the product of an obsessive design team.” – Motorboat & Yachting | Read a true story…

Cool New Boat

The Kormaran is a sophisticated and unique watercraft which can be boat, a trimaran, a catamaran, a hydrofoil, or a luxury sunbathing platform. It also transforms while underway. More at Kormoran…

Riva Aquarama

The beauty of the classic Riva Aquarama built between 1962 up until 1996. Inspired by Chris-Craft with mahogany, maple inlays, leather, called the Ferrari of the boat world. More at Riva-Yachts

Panga 18 Skiff

Super dry ride, 6 inch draft, 18′ hull is 625 lbs. and under 1000 lbs. with motor. An ideal multipurpose boat, especially for skinny water. Details at

Belize 54 Sedan

Riviera announces the new Belize 54 sedan (shown) and flybridge model. This classic sport yacht is more about catching up than catching fish, more about luxury and convenience for the veteran cruiser on holiday. More at Riviera

First Modular Boat

The Ethos E30 can convert to multiple uses – go from fishing boat to sport, from closed to open boat. With electrical and plumbing stubbed out every meter move the sink, seating, fridge or other panels anytime.

Sea Skiff

The Caribiana 23, a built to order, custom-colored hull, teak everywhere, American crafted skiff. Details at

Luxury RIB

A boat without limits, The Dahl 27 combines power, style, quality and comfort to take the RIB concept to another level. Dahl

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