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Best Watch For Boating

The Rugged Apple Watch Ultra Review

For the hardcore boater the rugged new Apple Watch Ultra is the ultimate watch to wear. At 49mm, it is a big watch but feels similar to the old Apple Watch 45mm (the 4mm difference is only 1/16” of an inch). Unlike many big watches it also feels light. In the real world, the always-on larger screen is great for readability, plus you can crank up the font size making texting and typing much easier too. The raised titanium bezel helps protect the massive screen, so knocking around the boat is much less likely to damage. The new three microphone array gives better voice quality when you’re out in the elements. The new orange action button can be used for many functions – you may wonder why all Apple Watches don’t have it. Think action button for quick access to… read more flashlight, waypoints, engaging the new Compass App or press for 5 seconds to trigger the new 86 decibel (very loud) siren. Up to 60 hours battery life (on low power setting) is a welcome addition. Mine regularly lasts for 3 days before needing a recharge. Also, it recharges very quickly. The larger knurled crown makes it easier to turn with grimy fingers or gloves. The new Multiband GPS should be killer out on the water, but we have not tested it yet. Speaking of water, it has a 320 foot depth rating. New watch functions include depth gauge, water temp sensor and for the diver, decompression limits. Unlike other outdoor watches the Ultra has cellular too, so make that call before you get too far offshore, right from your wrist. People I call can’t tell the difference between my watch and iPhone. Pair with Ocean App, our favorite app for boating. The Apple Watch Ultra is the ultimate smart watch for the boater. Find it at Amazon…

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