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Best Watch For Boating

The Rugged Apple Watch Ultra Review

For the hardcore boater the rugged new Apple Watch Ultra is the ultimate watch to wear. At 49mm, it is a big watch but feels similar to the old Apple Watch 45mm (the 4mm difference is only 1/16” of an inch). Unlike many big watches it also feels light. In the real world, the always-on larger screen is great for readability, plus you can crank up the font size making texting and typing much easier too. The raised titanium bezel helps protect the massive screen, so knocking around the boat is much less likely to damage. The new three microphone array gives better voice quality when you’re out in the elements. The new orange action button can be used for many functions – you may wonder why all Apple Watches don’t have it. Think action button for quick access to… read more

Yeti Loadout Bucket For Boater

The Nearly Indestructible Yeti Loadout Bucket

We guarantee this will be the last bucket you’ll ever buy. The Yeti Loadout Bucket is 3 times thicker, 3 inches taller, food safe, has a non-skid bottom ring and the canvas strap with wide handle is comfortable. Carry live bait, fishing gear, your weighted cast net or ice down a long dock. Out on the boat, the non-skid bottom keeps it from sliding around in the chop. Outer ring supports various accessories. We highly recommend buying the Yeti reinforced clear lid, which turns this taller bucket into the perfect stool (that even the biggest guy can reliably sit or even stand on.) So many uses here… boat, barbecue, beach, etc. It’s pricey and overbuilt, but makes the perfect gift for the boater. Find it at Amazon…

Best Gift For Boater In 2021

Drinks Ahoy! With The Legless Pirate Bottle Opener

If you’re looking for a laugh from your mates, then The Legless Pirate Bottle Opener is for you. Even though he only has one leg he’s the hardest working pirate on board. Look closely and you’ll spot his eye patch plus a parrot on his right arm! In real life use, the beer bottle opener is great, but the corkscrew and foil cutter could be more “aargh-onomic” – but what do you expect from a drunken, one-legged pirate. He’s practical, fun and made from stainless steel. Comes with an integrated lanyard loop so you can attach a short rope to hang him on. Makes for a funny stocking stuffer gift for any shipwrecked sailor. Find it at Amazon…

Best Inflatable SUP For 2021

The Best Paddle Board For The Money

Inflatable paddle boards are incredible pieces of technology – so tough you can literally drive over them with a truck. They’re surprisingly stiff and handle similar to a solid board. The 11′ Bote Flood Aero is one of the best boards on the market in 2021 (it’s Bote’s top entry level seller.) Made with military-grade PVC, carry system, grab handles, front and rear bungies, magnetpod, cooler ties, and it’s Rac compatible too. At only 28 lbs you easily carry it to the beach or hike with it (the bag has back pack straps). Stable, light and rugged. Good for riders up to 275 lbs. Dual stage pump and SUP paddle are included. Put a big box under the tree or inflate it full-size in the living room! Find it at Amazon…

Best_gift For Boater 2021

The Best Portable Speaker for the Boater in 2021

We’ve written a lot about our older JBL Flip 4 speakers and how much we love them – we liked the first one so much we bought another and put the two in stereo mode. Now that the new JBL Flip 5 is out, we thought we’d review it. The big difference is a larger improved driver (for even better sound) plus an upgrade to USB C charging. Still the same great IPX7 waterproofing, same fast Bluetooth sync and same great bass. Ours fit in the cupholder of our center console and we use them both on sea and land. For around $100 these make a great gift for the boater. We agree with the 1000’s of other 5 star reviews – highly recommended. Find it at Amazon…

The Best GoPro For Money

The Amazing New GoPro Hero

No other action camera matches The New GoPro Hero 9 Black. The new front display screen now lets you see what’s being recorded. This amazing camera has it all… full HD 5k video, 30% more battery life, 20 megapixel still photos, Hypersmooth 3.0 stabilization (it’s incredible), superwide mode, Time warp function, 8x slow-mo with tap, activity presets PLUS a removable protective lens. When you’re done recording edit directly in the excellent GoPro app. For boaters, this camera is waterproof right out of the box, no case needed, however, we do recommend this Floating Handgrip. Grab a 128BG memory card and you’re ready to shoot! Highly recommended. Find it at Amazon…

Perfect Nautical Gift

The Handmade Nautical Wreath

The 17” Mystic Knotwork Sailor Knot Wreath is a handsome and versatile gift for the sailor or boater. It can be hung year round, dressed up for the holidays or laid flat as a table centerpiece with vase of flowers. Perfect gift for the lake house, beach house or ocean condo. If you’re not familiar with Mystic Knotwork, they are an award-wining U.S. company located in Mystic, Connecticut (the same famous nautical town from the movie Mystic Pizza). Each wreath is expertly handmade from 44 feet of manilla rope. Limited quantities available. Find it at Amazon…

Best Toy Boat

The Best RC Boat for the Money

Someone is going to love this toy boat! For the price, The Sharkool Radio Controlled Racing Boat is a blast. The speed is insane! Excellent proportional steering, water cooled motor, waterproof and self-righting (so even young kids can drive it without worry of it flipping). Plus, the steering is auto-correcting so it goes straight on straight-aways. The range is plenty far enough at 500 feet. Get two, race them (and you can keep one boat for yourself). It even comes with two rechargeable batteries for even more racing time – each battery lasts about 15 minutes. An amazing deal and a great gift for a boater. Find it at Amazon…

Best Boating Knife

The Perfect Boating Knife

We love this knife. The Morakniv Floating Knife is versatile, strong, light, feels great in your hand and it floats. Unlike plastic handles, cork does not conduct cold – it feels amazing, like a fly rod handle. Believe it or not, the cork is very durable too. The fluorescent orange color stands out everywhere – you may never lose this one. The serrated blade is thin, which make it perfect for cutting rope or most anything. We even like the blunt tip which feels less likely to puncture things around the boat (including your fellow boaters). Rugged sheath included. Made in Sweden. Great gift for a boater. Editor’s Choice. Find it at Amazon…

The New Hinckley 40x

Yesterday, we drove by a brand new Hinckley 40x while in Stonington, CT. The boat is a show stopper – it had triple outboards and looked ready for adventure – I think these were Mercury Verados, but it was hard to tell. One thing that stood out was the full-width front windshield which displayed at least a 8 feet of unobstructed glass for incredible visibility. This is a versatile boat that can fish, entertain, overnight or even pull skiers. Because it’s built with lightweight carbon fiber and Kevlar, it will comfortably do 55 mph, just in case you need to get there fast. Did you know? Hinckley hulls are guaranteed for life. Christmas is coming…

The Best Boat Shoes

The Best Boat Shoes for Men

I have wide feet, double E to be exact. Because OluKai’s have a wide toe box, they are my most comfortable boat shoes next to flip flops. I also like that they feel more like a barefoot experience, which feels natural when seas are rocking. The Nohea Moku No Ties are lightweight, quick-drying and perfect for boating (great reviews all around). I fold the back flap down when just relaxing and flip them up when I’m moving around. Not the most durable shoe out there, but they do feel great and look great! Very comfortable and the non-marring rubber soul won’t leave marks on your deck. Find it at Amazon….

Best Small Propane Grill

The Best Gas Grill Under $300

The Weber Q1200 Series Gas Grill sits by our dock ready for a quick burger. We can easily take it to the beach too. Everywhere you look it gets top reviews. CNET gave it their top spot for “Best Portable Grill for 2020”. Here’s why… it starts easily, heats fast and has great portability. The heavy cast iron griddle can take abuse. After several years of ownership ours still looks good due to the rugged build quality and simple design. Note: If you want to hook up your own larger 20 lb. propane tank order an adapter hose. Weber Q grills are designed and manufactured in USA. If you can find a gas grill discount code or sale, this might also be the best gas grill under $200. Highly recommended. Find it at Amazon…

Best Marine Bean Bag Chairs

Two Tough Marine Bean Bags

What are the best marine bean bags? There are two solid choices and the benefits are worth it. Bean bags on the boat are lifesavers on the way to fishing grounds, back savers on a choppy day and kid savers when they get restless or overtired. They offer comfort, shock absorption and a fun place to relax. Marine-specific bean bags are tough too – they repel water, have double-stitched seams and integrated grab handles (which are critical for tying down). Our fishing guide friends have had their sets for over 4 years and they get used a lot. E-SeaRiders and Ocean Tamers are the best, both are made in Florida. Our favorites are the teardrop style which give better back and neck support. A great boating gift and money well spent. Find it at Amazon…

Gift For Sailor Boater

Our Favorite Soap

We use Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap everyday because it lathers up nicely and smells good. After a few washes the outer layer reveals random salt crystals that subtly exfoliate with rich, creamy lather. The smell is fresh, clean and invigorating… a bit like the salty ocean air. It lasts a long time – we even shave with it. Made in USA. Makes a great stocking stuffer for the sailor in your life. Find it at Amazon…

Best Edc Keychain Knife

The New SOG Keychain Knife

The updated 2020 version of SOG’s Keychain Knife is our new favorite little keychain knife. This version is better in so many ways… it’s 100% stainless, beer opener, locking blade with easy-open cutout, a keyring that hinges, plus the handle is now a handsome mat finish. It’s 3 practical tools in one… a bottle opener, a keyring, and a compact 2” blade so you’re always prepared for opening boxes, cutting fishing line or any task that may come up. SOG calls this The Keytron. Designed in USA, SOG products have won favor among law enforcement, military and industrial customers that rely on their tools to perform flawlessly in the toughest, most adverse conditions. Perfect gift for the boater or sailor. Recommended. Find it at Amazon…

Best Dry Bag For Fishing

Our Favorite Small Dry Bag

I keep my phone, wallet, keys and electronics in my Yeti Sidekick Dry Bag. The best part is how easy the top opens and closes – no snaps, no rolling flaps, and no zippers. The secret is the magnetic HydroShield strip – once closed you can’t even force air out. It’s 100% waterproof, it floats too. Attaches to other Yeti products or any belt for hiking, river or beach. We think you will be impressed with the fast magentic lock and useful size. Ours gets used more than expected. Find it at Amazon…

The Boat in Gemini Man

The trailer for the new movie Gemini Man is out. The action-thriller stars Will Smith as he battles against a clone of his younger self. Look closely and you may notice one scene (around the one minute mark) with an aerial shot of Smith driving a very stylish boat – that boat is the waterjet powered Hinckley 34R. Filmed in and around historic Tybee Island on Georgia’s coast, the movie debuts in October 2019. View The Official Movie Trailer or The Hinckley Yachts coffee table book at Amazon…

Best Boater App

Our Favorite App for Boating

On a daily basis, we use Ocean Watch App to tell us the current and future tide levels. We like it because it’s simple, well-designed and easy to read quickly. Is this afternoon looking good for a dinner cruise? Fishing an incoming tide? Will Saturday morning be high tide? Download Ocean Watch App, we highly recommend it. Available for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. Free at…

Feb 2019 Boat Of The Month

Boat of the Month | Feb 2019

Recently, we had a Boston Whaler 380 Outrage pass by us near North Captiva Island and she was stunning. The 380 replaces the 370 with a redesigned hull plus many thoughtful refinements, both inside and out. With a top speed of 50 mph you’ll get where you want to go quickly. Dream big – this boat has it all. Review at…

Best Boat Speaker

Our Favorite Portable Waterproof Boat Speaker

For the money, the JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speaker is as good as it gets for the boater. The sound quality is great, bass is good, charge lasts a long time, bluetooth pairing is easy (unlike some others), plus it’s Ipx7 waterproof and rugged. We liked it so much we just picked up a spare and the stereo function works really well. It also features a built-in noise and echo cancelling speakerphone for crystal clear phone calls. Around the boat, these little speakers can take a beating – we store ours in the boat’s cup holder and have dropped it many times with no issues. Available in multiple colors, but we chose white to reduce heat from the sun and to match our boat. If you’re on the fence, try one, you won’t regret it. It’s a great value with many uses… yard, camp, workshop, kayak, pool. Find it at Amazon…

Best Gift For Boater

The Mug For Boaters

The Yeti Rambler Mug has become our go-to mug. Out on the boat, in any weather, it keeps our coffee hot for about half an hour. The handle is bigger than normal – which is good if you’re wearing gloves or have wet hands. The larger size makes it perfect for soups, stews or the end of the day drink (add your icy cocktail and it stays that way.) Super rugged, a great gift for a boater that will last a lifetime. Find it at Amazon…

Best Navy Shirt

Our Favorite T-Shirt

John McCain, JFK, Sean Connery, Morgan Freeman, Johnny Cash, Leonard Nimoy… all Navy men. We are big fans too. And this Classic Navy T-shirt let’s us show our support. Soft material, great fit and excellent ink quality. We think the simple combination of dark blue and yellow look great together. Bonus: One sleeve has an understated American flag (and it’s facing the right direction.). Find it at Amazon…

Upgrade Dock With DockGrip

Upgrade Your Dock

Every dock should have a DockGrip. Ours does and we love it. This new invention makes getting in and out of the boat easier, steadier and safer (especially since boaters usually have their hands full). It’s made in the USA from aircraft-grade welded aluminum with a powder-coat silver grey finish. This is a premium marine product meant to last and comes with a 20 year warrantee. Give your guests a safe, luxurious yacht-like experience with DockGrip. Learn more at Highly recommended.

Best Sunscreen For Boater

The Best Sunscreen

Sunbum Clear Zinc Oxide 50+ (2 Pack) is our favorite sunscreen for the face. Unlike most zinc oxide creams this goes on white but turns clear (so you don’t end up looking like a zombie). It smells good, like a pina colada. In the water, it provides UVA/UVB protection for about 2 hours and it’s oil-free so it does not leak into your eyes. Zinc oxide has natural skin benefits too – it fights acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema and more. Get the 2 pack and give one as a gift. Bonus: It’s  made in the good old USA. Find it at Amazon…

Best Flask For Boating

The Best Flask for Boaters

Hands down, the Nalgene 12 Oz Flask is the best flask for boaters. First, you can see if it’s clean (unlike most flasks). Second, the sheath comes off so you can mix drinks in it (or use it like a cup). Third, the top doubles as a shot glass. Fourth, the material is BPA-free. Fifth, it is leak proof. Sixth, it is made here in the USA (most flasks are made in China). Choose red or blue. Support America and buy one of each. Find it at Amazon…

Best Boating Cooler

The Roadie 20 by Yeti

This little cooler keeps things icy cold (for us that’s over 2 days). The Yeti Roadie 20 hold 14 cans which is about right for our day trips. It’s a tad heavy at 15 lbs. but solid as rock. There are non-slip feet to keep it in place, tie-down slots if you want to secure it to your boat, trailer or truck bed, no sweat exterior, and molded-in padlock holes. 5-year warranty. Find it at Amazon…

Best New Pocket Knife

Best New Pocket Knife

The James Folsom Bone + Black is a knife that you will have and use for a lifetime. Featuring G10 scales and a steel liner-lock. The Carpenter CTS-BD1 stainless steel blade holds an edge, resists corrosion and as is easy to care for. With an ambidextrous blade opening slot and reversible clip, tip-up carry, and serious gripping power, this is a blade you’ll be proud to keep on your boat. Find it at Amazon…

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