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The Guideboat

The Guideboat is arguably the fastest fixed-seat rowboat in the world. Any rowboat you look at, it’s way faster and holds 10 times its weight. It’s also smooth, silent and tough. In founder Stephen Gordon’s words, “We used the superb vintage Rushton to make the mold that produces our current boats. What we produced is a boat that is functionally and visually the same in terms of silhouette. It’s almost identical to the Rushton, but it’s composite on the hull.”

His rendition, with its hand-laid biaxial composite hull, is trimmed in hand-joined, oil-rubbed solid American cherrywood; solid cherry fixed seats with caning made in Vermont; and bronze oarlocks made in Marin County, Calif. It’s finished in his company’s signature midnight blue, and it’s hand-waxed to perfection. Available at


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