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Atlas of Remote Islands

The book Atlas of Remote Islands is visually stunning and an adventurous discovery of information and history. Open it and uncover the mystery of fifty islands that are both remote and unique – chances are you won’t find these islands in a brochure or as a vacation spot. The author uses historic events and scientific reports to highlight the wonders of each island, locations span from Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, and Antarctic Oceans. 144 pages, full color maps, bound in black cloth and sea-blue card. “An utterly exquisite object” -The Guardian “…absolutely magical.” – Conde Nast Traveler “If you ever wonder what kind of place ‘real’ books will have in an increasingly electronic world, the Atlas of Remote Islands is the perfect example of the power wielded by a physical artifact. This book is a rare gem. It’s like your favourite children’s fantasy book come to life… it’s a little like Lost, and it is like traveling to the moon.”  -Writer’s Pet blog Find it at Amazon…

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