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Best Headlamp For Boater

The Best Waterproof Headlamp

Do you boat or fish after dark or need something for emergency situations? This tiny headlamp is a brilliant piece of engineering! There are a lot of headlamps out there, but few are rated IPX8 waterproof. As a boater, you’ll need at least IPX7, which means sustained 30 minutes in fresh water. The Fenix HM50R Headlamp is better at IPX68. Our favorite features are brightness, simplicity and ability to turn to any angle (unlike most headlamps). Turn on turbo mode and you’re at 500 lumens – seeing over 260 feet away! Slippery hands will appreciate the simple one button 4 mode operation. Fenix is a solid name and make the industry’s best lights, so you can trust their USA warranty. A bestseller with many uses. Find it at Amazon…

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