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Recreational Marine Jobs

Looking for your dream job? Are you interested in boats? Why not work in the recreational marine industry? Enjoy a career around water and boats! Marine Jobs, a new weekly newsletter from Soundings Trade Only that’s the go-to online source for employers and those who work in the recreational marine industry.

Marine Jobs is published every Tuesday. In addition to job listings from companies and career seekers, the newsletter includes My Work, My Life, a feature in which we tell the story of one person’s path to a successful career in the industry. You’ll also find a roundup of news about jobs and the general economy. Subscribe to the Marine Jobs Newsletter (make sure to click “Weekly Marine Jobs E-Newsletter”).

If luxury yachts are where you’d like to work try The Boating Hub where you can learn the courses you need to take to score that type of position. Additionally, you can take a course specific to landing positions aboard super yachts. Or try, Work on A Super Yacht…

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